At Plastic Surgery Northwest, our Spokane plastic surgeons are always looking for new ways to keep patients in the know. To help achieve that goal, we’re excited to launch our new blog to discuss the topics that matter to you. Our hope is that you will consider our blog as a valuable, trustworthy resource that presents information in a fun and easily digestible way.

In future posts, we’re likely to cover the following:

  • Tips for improving your surgical or nonsurgical experience
  • Innovations and emerging techniques in the field
  • New products, services, and techniques
  • General health and beauty tips that have been vetted by our physicians
  • News about our practice

We know you can find an abundance of information on the internet. And while much of that information comes from trustworthy sources, some of it is of dubious origin, which makes it difficult to know if the material presented is authentic or accurate. Our priority is to help clear the air and make sure you have easy access to information that’s as accurate as it is entertaining. Check back regularly!