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Medial Thigh lift

Significant weight loss and changes to your skin that occur with age can leave you with loose skin of the inner thighs.  Unfortunately, workouts, creams and other interventions are unlikely to improve this loose skin or restore a thigh shape that makes it comfortable to wear shorts or a bathing suit.

A medial thigh lift removes the excess, loose thigh skin, tightening the skin contour and restoring cohesiveness between the skin and outward appearance of the leg and the strong muscles underneath.

Medial thigh lift typically leaves a scar that runs from the groin crease down the inner thigh.  This scar will be pink, firm and raised at first, but typically softens and becomes lighter with time.

Medial thigh lift is performed under general anesthesia in our accredited surgery center to assure the safety and comfort of our patients.  When surgery is complete, you will have a drain in each thigh to remove excess fluid from the surgical site and will be wearing a compression garment that provides compression and support from your lower abdomen to your lower leg.  Drains are typically removed within two weeks of surgery.  The compression garment is worn for several weeks following surgery as the body heals.

For the first 2-3 weeks after medial thigh lift surgery it is normal to have bruising and swelling Most people benefit from taking 2 weeks away from work to focus on healing.  As you return to normal activities, it is normal to experience temporarily increased swelling as you ask more of your body.

It takes time for your thigh contour to evolve and demonstrate your new leg shape.  You will usually see significant improvement in your swelling and shape by three months after surgery, though you will continue to see improvements for several months or more.  Skin may relax again to a much lesser degree after surgery, but will be permanently improved over where it began.


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