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Nose Reshaping Northwest Spokane, WA

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The shape of your nose is hereditary, but an injury or prior surgery may have altered its appearance.

Either way, you may have a concern that is common to many people, such as the size of your nose or its relation to your other facial features. The bridge of your nose may be too wide or have a hump. Your nasal tip may be larger, wider or more downturned than you want for the harmony of your face. At Plastic Surgery Northwest in Spokane, we understand that your reason for a nose reshaping procedure is highly individualized. With our procedures, your face can have the harmony and proportional enhancements that may lead to more self confidence.

To begin, we will evaluate your general health, discuss your options, and examine and measure your face in our comprehensive preparation for your procedure. When our visit concludes you will be well prepared with advice and instruction for post-operative care and follow-up with our team.

You will be able to first see your results when your splint is removed at two weeks. Nevertheless, plan on allowing several months, even up to a year, for the outcome of your surgery to fully refine. The results of your procedure will be long-lasting and likely to be permanent.


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