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Mid-Face Lift Northwest Spokane, WA

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Loss of skin elasticity and facial volume can give a flat, droopy, gaunt or aged appearance to the eyes and cheeks. A mid-face lift restores a more youthful contour in surprisingly dramatic, but natural way.

If your facial changes are subtle, you may wish to consider injectable treatments to provide better cheek definition and volume or to address developing creases in your lower face.

If you are older, your interest may be in diminishing an elongated distance between your eyes and your cheeks, which is a distinctive sign of aging. We can rejuvenate the sagging soft tissues of your cheek and lower eyelid areas through our cosmetic surgical procedure called the “midface lift.” Often, as aging typically causes a loss in your facial volume, we combine this lifting and tightening procedure with the addition of volume through injectable treatments designed for specific facial areas, or by replenishing your volume with your own natural fat through a procedure known as “fat grafting

At Plastic Surgery Northwest in Spokane, our choice of technique for your mid-face procedure will be made from our extensive knowledge of anatomy and a variety of factors based on your individual situation. Some people may benefit from a midface lift alone, but others should consider this technique as part of a more comprehensive facial rejuvenation.

Your mid-face enhancement procedure can achieve subtle or dramatic results, depending on your desired outcome. Your recovery, as with any type of plastic surgery, will include a period of restricted activities. You will likely return to work and other normal activities within a couple weeks.


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