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Forehead and Brow Northwest Spokane, WA

You may be considering a forehead lift/brow lift to enhance your appearance because of low-set eyebrows that give you a tired or angry expression. At Plastic Surgery Northwest, we offer forehead lifts in Spokane, WA, for men and women who want to rejuvenate the smooth and youthful appearance of their forehead and brow.

What Is a Forehead Lift?

Also known as a brow lift, it is a highly individualized procedure and can be a good option to lift your eyebrows and heavy upper eyelid skin to give your eyes a more open, youthful look. A brow lift may also be appropriate for treating certain inherited traits, such as a naturally low, flat, or heavy brow. You may want to have a low or sagging brow repositioned if it is your upper eyelid appears to be hooded, or you may want your eyebrows raised to a more alert and youthful position. Your brow lift may be done in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures to achieve a more harmonious facial appearance. Botox may also be recommended in conjunction with your browlift to relieve furrows or creases across the forehead or between the central eyebrows.

What to Expect During Your Forehead Lift

At Plastic Surgery Northwest in Spokane, we will discuss your goals and your options extensively with you and recommend a course of treatment. Our brow lift procedure will involve making incisions and lifting layers of skin for repositioning your facial features to a more pleasing level. Your incisions will be inconspicuously positioned when they are healed.

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Forehead Lift Recovery

The results of your Brow Lift may be subtle or dramatic. There will be some swelling and bruising around the area that will slowly subside over time. Any pain can be managed with medication. Your healing process will be gradual and you should expect to wait several weeks for an accurate picture of your “new look.” Additional minor changes or settling may occur over several months following your surgery. In your final results, you should see a reversal of the effects of gravity and a tightening of the soft tissues of your forehead.

The Cost of a Forehead Lift

The cost of a forehead lift in Spokane, WA can vary based on several factors. Our surgeons can go over the expected cost of your brow lift during your consultation at our office. Financing options are available.


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