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Fat Injections Northwest Spokane, WA

Fat injection, or grafting, permanently adds volume and is useful in many aspects of cosmetic surgery. It can be placed in many areas, commonly the face or the buttocks. At Plastic Surgery Northwest, we have provided numerous women and men with beautiful results from their fat injection procedure in Spokane, WA.

What Is Fat Grafting?

Fat grafting is a highly beneficial way of restoring volume that is lost through weight loss or aging. Perhaps you want to restore your face to its natural youthful beauty with full cheeks, or perhaps you wish to smooth out hollowed temple areas.

Fat grafting involves harvesting fat from an area of the body with an abundance of fat like the thighs, back, or stomach. The harvested fat is purified so that it can be injected into the desired area of the body. When injected, the fat instantly adds volume which can fill in folds and creases, reduce the appearance of sagging, and improve the natural contours of the treated area.

The Benefits of Fat Grafting

Fat grafting can be used alone or in conjunction with other procedures to correct more diverse aspects of aging, such as sagging, and deflation. Our facelift procedure corrects the sagging, and our fat injection procedure replaces the fat you lost with age. Or you may want a facial enhancement such as having your cheekbones accentuated, or your lips created fuller and plumper, and the fine wrinkles around your mouth reduced. Also, our fat injection techniques are effective for correcting many hereditary features including a thin or gaunt face, mid-face flatness, or asymmetrical face.

Another area that may benefit from fat grafting is the buttocks. If you desire enhanced curves, fat may be removed from areas such as your waist, abdomen, or thighs and added to the buttocks to augment your contour.

Recovering from Fat Grafting

After you have healed, in approximately two weeks, the results of your fat grafting procedure at Plastic Surgery Northwest in Spokane are permanent. You should see your new “look” emerge with a natural and realistically youthful appearance or with the curves that genetics couldn’t provide. Because your fat cells are alive, they are dynamic and will continue to change with you as you gain or lose weight throughout your life. This may result in changes in the appearance of the grafted areas if your weight change is substantial.

The Cost of Fat Grafting

The cost of your fat grafting will be based on the extent of the work required and other factors. Our team will go over the details of your fat grafting procedure including the expected price of the treatment when you come in for your consultation.


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