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Body contouring procedures can help patients to remove excess loose skin after weight loss to unveil the more svelte body inside.

Improvements to your body’s shape and overall image may be achieved by reducing excess fat and/or sagging skin and tissue. Areas treated by body contouring include the face, neck, upper arms, female and male breasts, abdomen, flanks, back, hips, buttocks, and thighs.

At Plastic Surgery Northwest in Spokane, we may recommend one or more procedures to achieve your goals of a more shapely, contoured body. These techniques utilize the removal, or excision, of skin, to tighten loose, sagging tissue. Surgical drains are placed to remove fluid that naturally accumulates within the site reshaped by surgery. The amount of fluid is measured by the patient on a daily basis. Once the output falls low enough, arrangements are made for removal of the drain in an office outpatient setting. Drains typically remain in place for one to three weeks, but may need to remain in place longer.

There will be a scar where you incision is made. Despite ever effort to keep the scar as thin and subtle as possible, there will always be some evidence of the surgical incision. Numbness or decreased sensation can occur anywhere that surgery is performed. Swelling may require the use of compression garments in the treated area for weeks to after surgery.


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