Breast Reduction 22756888LB

Photos taken 4 months post-operatively.

Breast Reduction 22758563LB

Photos taken 3 months post-operatively.

Breast Reduction 22755657LB


Photos taken 2 months following surgery.

Breast Reduction AO3120

55-year-old patient with complaints of discomfort in her neck and upper back. She underwent a 475 g (1.0 lb) reduction from the right breast and 485 g (1.1 lb) from the left breast. Photographs are taken in 1 year.

Breast Reduction AO22752241

60-year-old patient with complains of heaviness of her breast and shoulder and neck discomfort. She underwent a Wise pattern breast reduction with removal of 530 g ( 1.1 lb) from the right breast and 470 g (1.0 lb) from the left breast. The photographs are taking at 6 months postoperatively.

Breast Reduction AO22751542

51-year-old patient with history of migraine headaches and neck discomfort wished to have breast reduction in the hopes of ameliorating her symptoms. Note the asymmetry between the 2 breasts. The patient is 5 foot 7 inches tall and weighs 200 pound. She underwent Weiss pattern breast reduction of 1086 g from the right breast (2.40… Read More

Breast Reduction AO22754120

29-year-old patient with symptomatic macromastia (gigantism) underwent breast reduction of 4 lbs. 2 oz. of the right breast and 3 lbs. 13 oz. of the left breast. The inferior portion of the breast was utilized as an auto augmentation to improve the flat upper pole of the breast. The nipple was reconstructed from portions of… Read More

Breast Reduction AO6201

50-year-old patient with severe neck back and shoulder pain. The patient had seen multiple therapists and chiropractors without relief. She underwent a right breast reduction of 750 g (3.86 pounds) and a left breast reduction of 1743 g (3.18 pounds). Postoperative results are shown a 1 year.

Breast Reduction AO 22750266

65-year-old patient with long-standing symptomatic macromastia who underwent breast reduction utilizing a Wise skin pattern. She underwent reduction of 1011 g (2.23 lb) from the right breast and 980 g ( 2.16) from the left breast. Photographs taken at 1 year.