Bilateral subglandular breast augmentation from IMF incision using anatomic, textured implants (370cc on right and 320cc on the left) and nipple reduction.


Bilateral muscle split breast augmentation from an inframmary fold incision using smooth, round cohesive, silicone implants (360cc on the left and 345 cc on the right.)


Split muscle breast augmentation from an inframammary fold incision using textured, round, silicone implants (375 cc on both sides.)


Bilateral Breast Augmentation with anatomic, textured, silicone implants (375 cc on right, , 360 cc on left).  Implants were placed using a split muscle technique through an inframammary fold (IMF) incision.





Breast Aug Lg CW22750929

Breast Aug Med AO22751221

28-year-old patient requesting breast augmentation.  The patient has very thin upper pole soft tissue and therefore requires that the upper pole of the implant is placed under the muscle to avoid visibility of the implant.  Therefore,  a dual plane, muscle-split technique was implemented.  In this case the muscle was split so that the lower portion… Read More